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Wednesday, April 03rd, 2013 | Author:


We are settling into our new life in beautiful Canberra and I am thrilled to report that the family’s Chinese lessons are continuing ‘down under’. We have enrolled the girls in Sunday morning Mandarin classes at the Australian School of Contemporary Chinese and joined the Australia China Friendship Society. The ACFS held a lantern making workshop where we all made paper lanterns prior to the Lantern Festival. And ― big thanks here to the lecturers in Mandarin at the Australian National University ― we have met three lovely international students with the English names of Sandy, Bob and Emma who have very kindly volunteered to tutor the girls in Chinese. So while we’ve accepted the fact that the kids will lose some of their Mandarin now they’re out of their 24/7 Chinese environment, at least they will keep their toes in the water of bilingualism here!


The girls with their wonderful lanterns after the workshop

Wednesday, February 08th, 2012 | Author:


The Chinese really know how to celebrate. On the 7th February we went into town to join in the Lantern Festival festivities. Wuyishan town centre was packed despite the rain and cold. The endless racket of the fireworks made it sound like WW3 had broken out. But the atmosphere was magical: strings of lanterns glowing in the darkness, periodic rose and green flashes from the fireworks, happy smiling faces everywhere…

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We had a wonderful Christmas Day. About 30 students and teachers, foreign and Chinese, gathered in our house to open presents and drink rice wine and eat a roast Lazar cooked in our tiny portable oven. Boxing Day we headed to Shanghai. Now, after 16 months away, we’re back in Australia. It was all a little confusing for Aria at first. She keeps asking when we’re going home. But what she means by ‘home’ varies between our old house here in Sydney and our apartment in Wuyishan. She’s spent almost half her life in China but still remembers the house she lived in for the first two years of her life.

Australia looks to me impossibly clean. So nice not to see piles of rubbish everywhere. But I’m missing our friends in China and especially Chinese food.

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