Wuyishan, Fujian


Oh, beautiful Wuyishan, I miss you!

Here are a variety of images from our two years in Wuyishan, including some photos of the lovely Wuyi Mountains and Nine Twists Stream, the town of Wuyishan, and a few everyday local sights, like people sorting tea and selling spices.

There are also some pics of the gorgeous old bridge that once spanned the river in the old part of town but was destroyed sometime this year, to my utter dismay. It’s tragic how the Chinese government knocks down ancient structures that are off the tourist track. They’ll probably put a horribly ugly concrete and steel bridge up in its place. Mind you, if that old bridge had been in central Hangzhou or Suzhou, it would’ve been cordoned off and had a 200 yuan entrance fee slapped on it, but unfortunately it was off in tiny Wuyishan.