‘Wedding Photos’

“Don’t act you behave never grow to pack again cool.”

No, I don’t know what that means either! But that’s just one of the wonderful Chinglish translations of Chinese love songs that appear in our book of wedding photos…

In April 2011, we decided to do for ourselves what we’ve seen countless young Chinese couples do since we moved here — pose for wedding photos. Before the official traditional Chinese wedding, many couples in China pose for professional photos wearing different costumes, typically including a white, Western-style wedding dress. So, for the grand sum of about $180 (AUD), we had our hair and makeup done and chose 3 changes of clothes at the wedding photography store. We then spent most of the day in Wuyi Mountains with the photographer and his assistants, having our photos taken against the gorgeous backdrop of the mountains. We are now the proud owners of a hardcover wedding photo book and some lovely silk scrolls printed with our heavily airbrushed images.

You can click here to see more of our wedding photos on a Chinese website.