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Last week I enjoyed my second-ever trip to the local Wuyishan cinema. The cinema was closed for renovations during our first 18 months in China and I have to say, I’m loving it being reopened. I visited it for the first time last month, to see Titanic in 3-D with two of my students. It wasn’t bad — the cinema’s kind of small, the popcorn has that weird sugary-salty flavour that’s so popular here, and the projector broke down three times during the course of the movie. But hey, it was great to watch a movie on the big screen instead on the laptop in our apartment, and I confess I sobbed along with my students when Jack finally sank under the water.

But last week’s trip to the cinema was much, much more exciting, because I avoided the popcorn, left the tissues at home, and went to see ‘The Avengers’. It was great. Josh Whedon’s script was excellent, full of laughs and action and interpersonal conflict, and it was fantastic to see so many superheroes in the one story. But I have to confess to liking the villain better than all the heroes put together. Loki, a.k.a Tom Hiddleston, is awesome. I loved him in ‘Thor’ — his thoroughly justified angst, his intelligence, his sleek black hair — and I loved him all over again in this. In fact, I am entirely in agreement with Meghan O’Keefe, a NY-based writer, who on her blog makes a great case for Tom Hiddleston being the hottest actor in ‘The Avengers’.

And did I mention that he can write, too? Check out Tom’s article in the Guardian where he talks about superhero movies being part of our modern mythology.

So all in all, in my humble opinion, ‘The Avengers’ is great, the superheroes handsome, brave, witty, tough, and frequently very well-muscled… but Loki is still the real star.

Loki in 'The Avengers'


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    You are an incredibly talneted blogger. You can consider me impressed. I myself have always thought there was something more to The Avengers that sets it aprat from other more surfacy Summer action movies.

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