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Writing-wise, I think April must’ve been a record for me — four stories submitted in a month. I recently sent off another two shorts, ‘Embracing the Invisible’ and ‘Anvil of the Sun’. ‘Embracing the Invisible’ is my first short story set in China, inspired by something one of the local teachers here told me about local girls working as “student-mistresses” to pay their way through university. ‘Anvil of the Sun’ was quite harrowing to write. It’s the tale of a woman whose life is transformed by a terrible loss. The setting, a barren island of white rock to which political prisoners are exiled, came from a documentary I watched about Yugoslavia’s former leader, Tito.

I’ve also almost finished another short story titled ‘The Blood Robe,’ which was inspired by an Oscar Wilde story. It’s set in a world where robes coloured red by a mother’s blood are standard courting attire. So soon I’ll have five stories floating about in slush piles. Whew (wipes sweat from brow). Definitely a record!

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