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How cool is my Nana! 86 years old and still globetrotting!

We recently had a visit from Nana, my aunt Alison and her husband Robin. In fact, my intrepid Nana celebrated her 86th birthday here in Wuyishan. After a month of rain, the weather cleared a little during their stay. So we were lucky enough to get to see the ancent village of Xiamei and some of Wuyishan’s gorgeous scenic spots, such as Tian You Feng (Heavenly Tour Peak), Yu Nu Feng, and the Da Hong Pao tea plants. I also took Nana, Alison and Robin to a local teahouse with a beautiful, traditional interior decorated with wood carvings, calligraphy and calligraphy tools. And they were kind enough to come to some of my classes, where they enjoyed superstar status for a day and posed for countless pictures with my wonderful students.

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    amazing!Both of you are wonderful,and lovely family and girls

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    Thanks Tina 🙂

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