Hello, fellow reader, and welcome to my website. Let’s begin with an introduction. My name is Karen Maric and books and stories are my passion. Now for a brief explanation of my tagline and this site…

writing… as I mentioned above, stories are my passion. Reading stories, and writing stories. I’ve had a number of short stories published in Australia and the US and I’m currently working on a novel set during the Yugoslav wars of the 1990’s. Writing fulfills me in a way nothing else, except my beautiful family, can. I aim to write about the issues that make me burn — war, injustice, human cruelty and hypocrisy — and the things that make me want to sing. I want my writing to ring loud with notes of love and wonder and magic.

exploring… my other great passion in life is exploring. By exploring I mean not just travelling, although I do love traipsing around the globe — so far I’ve travelled through 35 countries and spent several years living abroad, primarily in China, Israel and the Netherlands. But there’s more to exploring than the physical sense. To me, exploring also means continually delving into new ideas. And in the process, throwing more fuel on the fires of my creativity.

following your bliss… this phrase isn’t mine, of course; it belongs to the inestimable Joseph Campbell. To me, following your bliss means doing what’s right, what’s in your heart, what you think is best for your soul. After all, we have one and only chance at life, unless you believe in reincarnation. And ‘following your bliss’ might not always mean taking the safest or easiest path, or the one that brings you the most money. But it will be the most fulfilling. And that’s what counts.

My website

I started my website whilst in China in 2011, as a place to share my news about my writing and my family’s life in China with my friends and extended family members back home. Within its pages you’ll find some information about me, my short stories and my novel, as well as some advice for other writing enthusiasts. The section On the Yugoslav Wars lists some of the books I’ve read while researching my novel, and provides details of the life of my muse and life partner, my husband, Lazar. In the Life in China pages, you’ll find tales and photos of our family’s adventures in the People’s Republic of China, as well on some tips on independent travelling in the Middle Kingdom with your kids. In my blog, I post regular updates about my writing and related events.

Finally, I’ve already received a few emails from people I’ve never met who have read something of mine and enjoyed it, and each message has really made my day! So if you’d like to get in touch with me, click here. I’d love to hear from you!

Me with my girls at the Potala Palace, Lhasa, Tibet, summer 2011